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Security Consulting

Risk assesment
Security Training

Malware protection

Infection prevention
Fast reaction to attacks

Cyber Investigation

Data Forensics
Fraud Protection

Intelligence and reputation

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Cyber - Security

Know the threads and learn how to protect yourself.

Online security consulting.

Technical training and awareness seminars.

Control center:
24 x 7 protection against intrusions, malware and attacks.
We will warn you immediately if suspicious activity is detected in one of your systems or devices.

business man locking his phone against spyware

Risk Assessment Services

Tailor made Security Solutions.

We protect your systems and devices and advise you on:

  • How to prevent leakage of data.
  • How to best protect yourself with our tools against malware and intrusion.
  • How to use our strong encryption tools for your private data storage and communications.
  • How to detect and quickly react to external attacks and intrusions.
  • How to detect and quickly react to malware infections.


We organize private seminars and consulting world wide.

background malware scan

Encryption of communications

Military grade encryption

In commercial mobile devices most of the user data is stored in clear and transmited over unsafe channels either in clear or using weak encryption. This information is easily available to malware and eavesdroppers.

We work with the best encryption teams to provide strong, military grade encryption solutions for your personal files and your communications.

Keep your data and communications strictly confidential.

virus ready to destroy data


Stop all malware in your systems and devices

Virus and Trojans are the main cause of lost and stolen data in computer systems and mobile devices.

Normally infected due to careless user actions, such as installing unsafe Apps or opening unsafe files in emails or WEB pages, malware also opens backdoors for intrusion.

Our anti-malware solutions detect and erase malware before it runs. We use complex heuristic methods to detect and block abnormal access to files and data transmission.

trojanhunt protects against virus and spyware

Mobile Device Security

Are you sure that no one hears your conversations, reads your messages or downloads your pictures?

Remote detection and audit malware in your mobile devices. We deliver:

  • In 1 hour, a report which assess whether all the installed applications are safe.
  • In 24 hours, a report with the result of the deep heuristic analysis of the applications activity.
  • In 72 hours, a complete final report of the mobile device status.
  • Permanent protection of your devices using remote monitoring tools, with no impact on your device's performance.
data health and recovery

Data Forensics

Data recovery and protection

Recovery of deleted or lost data.

Scan of confidential files, where were they sent and open.

Detection of fraud and unauthorised manipulation or access to data.

data forensics

Online Reputation Management

Know who says what and where.

Learns in real time what Social Network say about you or any other person, company or product.

Good online reputation is fundamental in todays world for business and personal promotion.

Regular monitoring and proper handling of own content is key to maintain a high reputation.

Counteract and damage control policies are necesary to react to adverse and damaging information as soon as possible.

online reputation management

Social Network Experts

High profile input.

We provide highly qualified professionals to manage your social networks and Internet content.

  • Create high quality content according to your interests and targets.
  • Monitor the Internet for damaging content and take measures to reduce its impact.
  • Neutralise attacks to your profiles and content.


Get an outstanding social profile

data health and recovery

Intelligence reports

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Information about individuals or companies in all the world. Three levels of KYC.

Detection of fraud, irregularities or corruption.

Detection of undeclared judicial processes.

Real economic and financial situation.

data forensics